Does SMS and email marketing still have a place today?

Does SMS and email marketing still have a place today?

The marketing landscape has changed drastically and it goes without saying that it can be a tricky road to navigate. It's a key component to generating sales leads, but the trick lies in getting it, while still getting your sales message across. Overdoing it however, could kill your campaign.

In the quagmire of digital marketing, SMS and email campaigns can become a good friend. You just need to start treating it as such. They still remain a way to reach your target audience, directly and at the click of a button. The biggest drawing card of this approach is it's cost-effectiveness, especially for the business owner who does not have a 'lots of zeros budget'. 

How to go about this?

MOYOA Solutions design custom SMS and email campaigns, enabling you to communicate directly to your target market. We'll analyse the data and extrapolate exactly what it is your customers are looking for. This can then be translated into an action plan for implementation on your side. 

So are we saying there are benefits?

We won't be calling it the Hail Mary anytime soon, but we do believe there are some upsides. In addition to generating new interest in your business, it also offers you a platform to maintain a brand presence, by constantly reminding your target audience of you. Slap onto this the instantaneous access and cost-effectiveness as mentioned above, and you've got yourself a contender! Budget permitting, we do think however that this strategy should serve as a supplementary approach, rather than your main means of canvassing your market. 

With mobile use on the increase, and our dependency along with it, it makes sense. Bulk messaging is fantastic for reaching large numbers of your customers, or prospective customers, with one swift click. While social platforms are fantastic, SMS and email marketing are unrivalled in its reachability directly to the consumer. 

Easy does it now

Nobody is saying spam people's heads off. Moderation is key, and there's a fine line between being consistent and teeing people off. Come up with creative content to drive engagement. Share this creative in a calculated manner. Less is more, but sometimes more is more! The last thing you want is to look like a daft message, that lands in somebody's inbox with a crazed frequency. Straight to spam you go buddy. Don't be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. 

If you'd like to know more about this or you're thinking of doing an SMS or email marketing campaign, give us a ring and we'll see how we can assist you. 

Team MOYOA Solutions