How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 2)

How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 2)

Instagram Stories have become a smashing hit! It’s your real-time personal broadcast channel where you share with the world what you ate, where you were and where you will be going tonight. And of course, in keeping with the mystery that is you, it will all disappear in 24hrs. You know, just so you can do it all over again!

It’s no longer just for personal use

Businesses can benefit tremendously in broadening their reach by using Stories. On any given day, you’ll find more than 500 million of them shared! They are a massive pot of potential customers just waiting for you to share your content with them. 

Instagram Stories is a bit unlike other traditional social media, in that it creates some sort of artificial urgency, if you will. It will disappear in 24hrs, so you can create hype around the message you’re communicating. You can do it in daily bursts and it will cost you nothing!

They are rather easy to make

No rocket science is involved and even the most technologically challenged amongst us could muster together a cool story.

  1. In the app, simply tap on the camera icon that you’ll find in the top left-hand corner. 
  2. You can either upload videos or photos that have been saved on your device or take some within the app. Tap the white circle to take a video or a photo or hit the gallery icon to upload from your phone. 
  3. Customise as you want
  4. Post, and off you go!
  5. Try to stick to the ideal size and ratio. Keep it to 1080px wide and 1920px high, with a aspect ratio of 9:16
  6. They are 15 seconds long. If the video exceeds that, it will automatically cut into separate parts immediately following each other.

They come in different varieties

There are many different types of stories you can create. Some require more advanced fingers than others though, but they all have their own unique perks and benefits. You get one with Music, and one that lets you broadcast Live. Think your own telly channel in your hand stuff. Superzoom lets you focus on a particular object while adding some dramatic music of your liking.

Rewind lets you reverse play video, and Hands-free allows you to record without touching your device. You can animate photos with Stop-Motion, and Boomerang takes photos and loops them over each other to create an animation. There are endless things you can add to them to super personalise them. Your boundary will only be limited to your imagination!

Some things to try and achieve

  1. Add a call to action. You’re not posting for the fun of it. Give your viewer something to act on.
  2. Always tell a story. Try and imagine what your customers want to see. Decide what you want to show. Then make the magic happen and show it to them!
  3. Try and keep it consistent. Don’t use balloons and clown music if you are selling high-end handbags. Stay in touch with your brand.
  4. Try and engage. Use the polls and questions features. Add hashtags. Make sure you do mentions. People love being asked for their opinion. 
  5. Make it personal. It’s all about your customer. Make sure you reply to their comments. It creates bonds that lead to sales.

What we think?

We think it’s a fantastic tool depending on what you want to achieve in your business. There may well be some companies who find less benefit in using them, as opposed to others. Just because you’re in the real estate industry, doesn’t mean you’re going to start selling houses because you posted a story.

It’s packed with features and great benefits and you can pretty much come up with what you want. With over 500 million of them shared every day, we’d say it’s definitely worth a try!

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Team MOYOA Solutions