How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 3)

How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 3)

User-generated content or UGC for short, is a great tool to use to increase your Instagram following. It’s one of those catchy keywords that the marketing suits use in the office. Over at MOYOA Solutions, we don’t believe in using all these fancy terms and big words to show you how smart we are and what we know. The truth is that the vast majority of people did not study marketing or SEO, and are just looking for some know-how on how better to run their businesses. We will endeavour to try and explain that. 

What is it actually?

UGC is basically any content that was created by an end-user rather than by a corporate brand. Think anything from text, reviews, images, videos, social media posts right through to their blogs. It is the act of your customer promoting on your behalf. Real nifty stuff right? 

What does this mean to my business?

User-generated content finds its primary application on social network websites such as Instagram or Facebook where consumers actively share with their followers the brands or things they love to do. This all happens in real-time of course. In addition to that, this presents itself as an opportunity for you to enhance your credibility amongst existing and potential clients by re-sharing this content yourself. People love knowing that they are not the only ones who shop from you. And they love showing it off even more!  

Consumers are more than twice likely to believe an opinion from another consumer rather than believing what the brand says the product can do. Much like having to say you are a lady, probably means you’re not! 

Some key benefits for you

User-generated content creates a sort of community around your brand. In the olden days, brands would fight to the death to convince customers to buy from them. Now they can let the customers sell their brand amongst themselves as well, knowingly or not. Everything comes together nicely and everybody wins. 

It increases your credibility. Today’s consumers are much more involved in the buying process than they were before. They are a lot more decisive in their purchasing behaviour. They want to know your business is already liked by many. User-generated content drives the buying decision in the result.

It’s for free! The consumer is footing the entire bill for this exercise. Their reasons for sharing the content could range from their own fame, them wanting to share experiences with their followers or just wanting to put on a bit of a show. That’s neither here nor there. Point is, you’re not forking out on expensive marketing campaigns that may or may not yield a return. 

How can you do this?

There are endless possibilities at your disposal. If you run a hospitality concern like a restaurant or a pub, a way to achieve this is to have your patrons take a picture of themselves dining with you, using your branded hashtag and posting it to your Instagram feed. After some posts, collect your favourites and re-share them yourself. Surprise one of the submissions with a free pint or something, and of course, share that as well!

If you have a clothing store. Ask people to share their pictures to your branded hashtags of them wearing an item of clothing they bought from you. Re-share the posts. People loved being mentioned by brands. Comment on all of the submitted posts. This is a very important step. If you can’t reply to all 3000 posts, then that’s a good problem to have. Time to hire more staff then I guess? Of course not, that’s why you call MOYOA Solutions!

And lastly…

UGC is a great way for you to grow your business with its endless growth opportunities if utilised correctly. MOYOA Solutions offer a range of bespoke marketing services for businesses of any kind, big or small. If you’re interested in learning more about user-generated content, drop us a line and we’ll gladly assist! 

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Till next time,

Team MOYOA Solutions