How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 4)

How to grow your Instagram followers (Part 4)

Writing gripping captions for your posts will inevitably lead to higher user engagement. It will result in more comments, likes and mentions. From here on it is likely that more people will see your videos and photos, and the first prize cherry is to show up the Explore page! That’s the obvious upside to user engagement, and it’s a key element that the Instagram algorithm uses in deciding what content it orders to a user’s  feed. It's a lot trickier than it appears on the surface though. 

What does a good Instagram caption look like?

Do you write something funny? Then you think you sell death cover, so maybe something more serious then. Should it always be so lifeless though? Surely you should be allowed to bring some kind of joy to it? You want to add an emoji, but that just seems inappropriate for death cover products. You can’t be morbid all the time however, now can you? You’re thinking hashtags. (Conversation with yourself continues for several hours…)

A good post should have some essentials. It should show off your brand's personality and spunk. It should be relevant and entertaining, as you want people to engage with it. There should be a call-to-action. Tell people what you want them to do. You have up to 2200 characters to achieve this, including up to 30 hashtags, and emojis. Let’s look at a few best practices.

Drop a fantastic first line

It’s the first thing people see and it’s the first thing that could prevent them from scrolling further. You want to be attention-grabbing and bold here, and the honey lies in being able to truncate your first liner so that it appears as a whole in the feed without the user having to tap more. 

Add a call-to-action

You have to be clear in what you want to achieve, so tell your customers what you want them to do. Inviting to comment or to like a post goes a long way towards engagement. And inviting them to shop now goes a long way towards your new villa in the French Alps. Ask your followers questions, or give them two options to choose from. Ask them what’s their favourite whatever. Getting up your user engagement is an everyday job. 

Stick to your brand message

Always be clear in communicating the values and ethos of your company. Stay true to this above all else. This, of course, does not mean you can’t be light-hearted in your posts when you’re selling depressing things such as death cover. In fact, that could be your license to make the mood more bright. There’s a fine line, however. Keep things light and concise, show some personality and wherever possible the situation may permit and is appropriate, use humour.

Think about the length

If the picture or video can get the message across, let it do just that. People are scrolley beings. (Is that even a word…?) They like to scroll, so keep it short if you can, so the whole caption can display in their feeds without having to tap more. That said, if there’s a cool story or interesting message behind the picture or video you posted, then knock yourself out! 

Make sure you’re adding hashtags

Be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your business activity and what you are posting about. The holiday cottage that you rent out on the farm, even though it’s always sunny on the farm, does not go in #beachbody. They can also easily clutter your post, so make sure you add proper line-breaks so it doesn’t look like a trauma case. You can also use various tools available out there to achieve this, if you’re not keen on lots of bullet points, emojis and underscores in your posts. 

What we think?

Adding great captions to your posts is undoubtedly good for improving your user engagement and your business. We’re not saying you’re going to sell out your stock tomorrow if you pull off a great caption, but we are saying that you will definitely not sell more than you do now if you don’t! 

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