What's the hype about appointment setting services?

What's the hype about appointment setting services?

Have you ever properly considered how much time your sales staff actually spend face to face with prospects? We mean a deep dive, not just the manager going over the number of calls made this month during the monthly one-to-one meetings. We have, and it’s less than you think. Chances are your sales guys are only spending about 10hrs out of a 40hr work week selling. If the balance of their time is spent prospecting, qualifying and setting up meetings, freeing up this time could hugely increase sales productivity. This is why you should deploy specialists to perform this function, allowing your staff to do what they do best. Sell. 

Setting appointments

Appointment setting services is a highly specialised field that breaks the sales cycle into different facets or stages. Instead of having a salesperson gathering leads, qualifying prospects, establish budget, authority, need and time and only then setting an appointment, you’d have a dedicated resource allocated to this. 

Outsourcing this function has a direct implication on your bottom line. You’ve seen your sales figures for last month. And now imagine, all of a sudden your sales staff has an extra 10 - 20 hours to spend selling per week. I see someone is getting a promotion soon…

How to choose the right company to do this for you

  1. Credible companies are staffed by highly skilled professionals with experience spanning many years. Be on the lookout for John Block from a faraway land!
  2. You should get a dedicated account manager that actively identify your opportunities 
  3. They will offer advice and solutions to your sales staff after conducting a needs analysis to tailor your services to the needs of the market
  4. They will incorporate both inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns, in addition to social research on potential opportunities
  5. There should be strong key performance indicators against which to measure sales-ready leads

Why referrals alone just aren’t good enough anymore

We still believe referrals and word of mouth has a role to play in acquiring new business, and it always will have. The reality is, times change. Businesses change. People change. It’s imperative for any company to change along with this. Referrals alone just aren’t good enough anymore!

Unless you’re a certain social network with billions of subscribers, your network will never be big enough to penetrate your prospect market. You’d count yourself lucky to reach 20% of it! The rest won’t call you, you need to go and find them. Having a capable appointment setter effectively expands your network by acting as an intermediary that pre-sells your prospect on your value proposition. That is the value that this service brings. 

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