Why a strong corporate identity is so important for your business

Why a strong corporate identity is so important for your business

Long has the time passed where just having a recognisable logo will get you over the finish line. A strong identity is so much more than that. It’s the face of the company and the values it stands for. It’s the expression of its soul and personality. It’s what they feel when they browse your website or visit your store. It’s what emotion is evoked from within them. A strong corporate identity becomes the company, and is easily one of your most valuable assets. And like all assets, it needs to be managed correctly. 

A strong corporate identity brings with it a wealth of marketing opportunities for businesses, and should accordingly be exploited as such. We’re really happy that people from your town or city knows your business, but we’re thinking a bit bigger here. 

Brand Awareness 

This can encompass so many different things it can make one’s head spin! It goes all the way from things like your corporate logo, the look and feel of your website or your business cards right through to whether you’re menus are embossed or not. 

The persistent visual expression of your brand amongst your client base is what cements your brand awareness. For marketing purposes, a strong corporate identity is also crucial as it enables your clients to instantly recognise your brand. 

It can inspire confidence

Brand confidence is the result of a solid corporate identity, and it’s a great tool to generate credibility amongst your peers and clients alike! It’s not only on the external factors that this comes into play, but it’s also for credibility amongst staff as well. Ensuring your staff feels like they work for a credible brand, plays towards the nurturing of a positive corporate image. People who think they work for the best, do their best. End of. 

The impact on your customer

Your corporate identity should be seen as the sweet spot between your business and the guy who’s going to buy something from you tomorrow. See it as the way to make your identity memorable in the hearts and minds of your customers. This is what ensures that you grow optimally in your industry in the years to come. 

A successful identity should immediately invoke a feeling of positivity and quality craftsmanship or delivery. It’s what makes you stand out from the rest in the mind of your customer, and in turn, increases the loyalty of your client base.  

You don’t want to be confused with the next guy

A strong brand should build a good rapport with your customer to avoid being confused with another company or brand. The result is that you must be instantly recognisable. There’s simply no time for after the fact thinking or vagueness in getting this right. 

We believe in form meeting function. Your company vision should then purposefully translate to your corporate image. This is where you start building a positive brand association. 

Let’s get you going

MOYOA Solutions will craft a tailor-made corporate identity for your business making you the shiniest in a massive kettle of fish. We specialise in helping small businesses like yours get all the big agency service and solutions, but for a fraction of the price! 

We tailor our solution to your brand's uniqueness and quirkiness, it’s personality and feel. Our package includes logo design, company social profiles, letterheads and business cards as well as a selection of branding collateral of your choosing. 

Whether it’s a logo you need today or reshaping your entire corporate identity tomorrow, we’re here for you. Every step of the way. Get in touch with one of our brand specialists today!