We can manage telemarketing campaigns on your behalf in the B2B sphere. We can also assist in the B2C space, but would require a GDPR compliant client list. Our team has extensive experience engaging at C-level across a multitude of disciplines to ensure maximum bang for your buck! 
There are several ways to generate leads for your business, but few are as effective as picking up the good ol’ phone. We’d like to think that over time, we’ve perfected the art.

Martin Luther King did not say ‘I have a mission statement.’

Simon Sinek



● Our solutions are entirely scalable to accommodate your specific business case.
● Extensively qualified call agents with multi-year experience.
● You are able to receive direct, first hand feedback from your clients about your product or service. 



● You have the extra human resource without incurring extra overheads. 
● There is no 'blanket fee'. All our projects are structured as individually itemised services, so you can choose which ones you can or can not afford. 
● You get the benefit of best of breed technologies without incurring the exorbitant costs of software and systems.



● We deploy custom approaches for each business, even those within the same industry and market space. 
● The BANT method has proven its reliability and level of success over the years. We live by it.
● You can take your product or service directly to the consumer who needs it. No more placing social ads, choosing demographic from the millions and hoping for the best. 



● Improves organisational time management. You can re-allocate your workforce to other tasks.
● Real-time, localised feedback means you can allocate the exact resources needed to achieve a particular outcome.
● Free's up time that your sales consultants would've otherwise spent prospecting for the qualified prospect. 

"The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing."

Seth Godin



● You get a constant flow of fresh opportunities in your sales funnel. 
● You get a quantifiable overview of your net position regarding your existing opportunities available.
● Furthermore, you are able to segregate prospects into hot, warm and cold leads to place them in your marketing and/or sales cycle.

Your Investment

Customer Surveys

Package suited for business introductions, services or products introduction and client feedback.

● Feedback supplied in xls.● Tailored script● Online support● Client to provide GDPR compliant database or purchase one with us (based on project)
*excl. database**min. 10hrs purchased

£20 p/hr  

B2B Telemarketing

Package suited for business introductions, services or products introduction or special events.

● Leads supplied in a supported format● Tailored script● Online support● Dedicated account manager● Debrief at campaign conclusion
*excl. database**does not include solicitation of meetings***min. 10hrs purchased

£35 p/hr

B2C Telemarketing

Package suited for service or product introductions, upcoming events or product launches.

● Leads supplied in supported format● Tailored script● Online support● Debrief at campaign conclusion● Client to provide GDPR compliant database or purchase one with us

*excl. database
**min. 10hrs purchased

£30 p/hr