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Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

You have a great product, fired up salespeople and everyone is ready to hit the phones. The only problem is who do you phone? The sales guys are researching on the internet, going through online directories and grabbing out all those old business cards. 
A good 2 - 3 hours has since passed. Fantastic. And not 1 minute was spent speaking to a prospect! At the end of the month, we'll all wonder why we missed our sales target. It shouldn't have to be this way. 


Web Design

There are so many apps and tools these days that 'let you build your own website in 5 easy clicks!' Off you go and after 5 clicks you're ready to publish your site. Soon you'll discover, that while your site looks good, there are bucket loads of things it can not do or scale up to.
Much like a person does not go around buying second-hand spare Mercedes-Benz parts, puts it together and then call it a C-Class! You don't just buy a car like that for what it looks like, you buy it for what it can do. Therein lies the real value. 


Graphic Design

Fantastic design should be at the soul of your business. That's what gives it flavour, a presence, the message 'that we have arrived!' It's the easiest thing to get wrong when starting a new business, or trying to expand one.
Many websites & tools have convinced us that 'you can design a logo in only 3 mins.' Spoiler alert. You can't. Well, not a good one anyway. Not good as in you think it looks pretty. Good, as in what actually works. And there's a fine line between those two, best to tread carefully. We'll help you navigate the way. 



It has become a crucial factor in the success of your online operations. It's a determining factor in whether people find what you are selling when they are looking to buy. It's easier said than done, however.
A professor once asked his class what they'd do with a dead body. Worryingly, they actually came up with some answers. "No no no," said the professor. "You hide it on page 2 of Google, nobody bothers looking there!"  



The field of marketing has completed many cycles and has evolved endlessly since us human folk started doing it. We now have sophisticated software to tell us when and where to advertise, statistics with fancy graphs and arrows pointing upwards and big words like 'user-generated content.'
Nothing, however, beats speaking to your potential client. Directly. It remains the most effective way to canvas, albeit a bit more labour intensive than it's digital counterparts. We love speaking to people, and rightly so. We've been doing it for a while! 



Getting your point across in just the right tones is a rather complicated affair. It's not only what you say, but how you say it. And it's not only about how it was said, but how it was perceived.  
We'd rather you tell your story, because if you don't, someone will do it for you. We do social marketing, content and we write copy. We love it, and we do it well.

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